It's About To Hit The Fan...

"Heating Oil Prices To Be The Highest in History"

How To Go From Feeling Panicked,

Uncertain, And, Financially Helpless...

To Cutting Your Heating Bills in 1/2

It's Time You Keep the Money In Your Pocket

- Season after Heating Season -

As an industry insider...

I saw how the industry worked and what they kept to themselves.

I guarantee this season you will NOT be stuck paying the highest cost/gallon on your oil. You'll reduce the amount of oil you use too!

All you hear on the news and see online is

"control your heating loss"

Here's some of what you never hear about

NEW Technology that "Guarantees" to save you money

(Why no one tells you about it?)

Prevent or reduce breakdowns

(Make sure you are not exploited)

Improving equipment inefficiencies

(Match this 1 thing, & save a ton of money)

Reducing maintenance costs

(Do NOT get taken advantage of)


What You Don't KNOW

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If you're like I use to be, you're already feeling the anxiety twisting in your chest

You're thinking... Do I have the extra money?

You'll argue about keeping the thermostat down. You'll cringe every time you hear the furnace start. You’ll break out the wool cap, and sweater-up in layers with thick socks.

Buckle up - because the heating season is on track to be the most expensive heating season ever.

Picture keeping WARM ALL WINTER LONG

and not worrying when the furnace kicks on

I'll show you how I cut my heating bills in 1/2 and how you can save money too.

You'll save money on ALL your heating bills.

You'll learn what oil companies don't want you to know.

You'll learn how to have more money in your pocket season after season.

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I've sat in boardrooms with CEO's of the biggest home heating oil companies in the country, and helped deliver oil with some of the smallest Mom & Pop operations.

As an industry insider... I saw how the industry worked and what they kept to themselves.

I used just a few pieces of this info and went from multiple oil deliveries a year to ONLY ONE.

The Industry Doesn't Tell You

About Technology Improvements

There's lot's of NEW techniques to help you save on your heating bills...

And NEW patented technology that guarantees you’ll use at least 10% less heating oil (guaranteed or the company buys it back)

My personal experience with this tool? I used 19+% less oil!

I went from 1,000 gallons to 800 gallons a year.

At $4.50 a gallon I saved $900 just using this one device.

Patented technology prevents too many cycles so you save fuel

How it works: Your burner powers on whenever your thermostat calls for heat.

The result is the burner fires despite plenty of usable heat still in the boiler. (money and heat wasted)

This tool... Intelligently increases the efficiency of you system so the burner starts only after all the usable BTU’s have been extracted from the boiler.

That means the pre-heated water will continue to circulate (keeping your warm with out burning oil) before your burner has to start again.

For me... it reduced my oil consumption by 19+% and I stayed nice and warm at the same time.

And I was just starting!

You might be a bit skeptical and I completely understand

That’s exactly why I asked some clients to tell you about their experiences with me and my special report

Mike Codder
Home Owner

Pete Klauer
Contractor & Builder

Mike Madden
4th Generation Home Builder

Josh Klauer
Apprentice Plumber

Prices are already going crazy

THIS YEAR may be the most expensive heating season we've ever seen because

of the Ukrainian war, the crazy weather, and all the uncertainty.

I’ve Spent Years Compiling This Information

I've spoken with oil company executives, service techs, electricians, suppliers, contractors, and oil company owners.

I've sat in boardrooms with the CEO's of the biggest home heating oil companies in the North East and helped deliver oil with some of the smallest Mom & Pop operations. Some had been in the business for generations and they had tips that actually helped people save money on their oil bills.

I found many home heating oil guys took this information for granted and never shared it.

They want you to use more oil because the more you use, the more they make.

This report is designed to be an advocate for consumers who must deal with an industry that has been characterized as greedy and dirty. I demonstrate multiple ways you can save money.

Skyrocketing Prices are only part of the Problem

When the price of oil jumps there seems to be an influx of scam artists in the shadows ready to take advantage of trusting home owners.

I’ve been privy to the scams, the 1/2 truths, and outright lies and personally felt the sting of doing business with unscrupulous oil companies.

HEAVY Financial Pressure will Effect Good Companies And it Could Have Serious Consequences for YOU too

Imagine having a pre-buy, cap-price, or fixed-price contract and;

Your oil company doesn’t honor its contract or skips town with your money

You’re going to see everything I learned

That means you can save money on your heating oil bills too.

The more I learned...

The more money I saved...

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Sadly we are living in crazy and unusual times

In recent years, the Connecticut Attorney General's Office has been involved in a number of situations where consumers were stung by oil companies.

Connecticut’s State Senator and Former Attorney General

Warns Consumers

"Home heating oil is ripe for con artists seeking to prey on consumer needs - so consumer caution is key," Blumenthal said.

"Consumers should shun sales pitches from unscrupulous heating fuel oil companies that promise vast price cuts and then fail to deliver.

My office will vigorously pursue any business seeking to exploit this increasingly expensive necessity." - Blumenthal

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See how you can save money, stay safe, and stay warm

Here's Some of What You'll Discover...

Two things you must know, so you'll never waste money on a service plan again

How you will get the best deal on oil

Video: What goes on behind the scenes. Watch me grill the top heating oil company in the nation

Video: Never pay to re-prime/restart your burner Save the restart AND the emergency service fee. Watch a step-by-step presentation on how you can do it yourself

The BEST additive to use to reduce your furnace malfunctions and your heating oil bills

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How to never get stuck paying the most expensive price for your oil

How to reduce your oil consumption by at least 10% a year, guaranteed.

The best type of “portable space heating” so you can save money and stay warm too.

Get the results of a professional energy audit. You'll learn how to do it your self for FREE

Don't make this one programmable thermostat mistake because it wastes money rather than saves money.

When you grab my special report,

you are in my care

That means I won't disappear

You can reach me by email or our Facebook group with any questions you might have. I'm here to help you.

I’ll keep you posted on:

New energy tax benefits and breaks (Starting with Bidens Plan)

New technology that can save you money & discounts

I’ll warn you when I hear about companies with bad reputations and any new scams

Here's Everything You Get...

Powerful information that saves you money

heating season after season

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The 77+ special report tips

Loaded with tips you can use right now. One tip guarantees you'll save at least 10% on your heating bill. Others will almost immediately keep you warm.

I know what it's like to be cold and not have enough money in your checkbook when it's time to order oil. (I'm 64)

That’s why I'm reducing the cost of the special report and including these gifts.

Especially the heating oil additive... Because you’re going to need it. Yes, the additive is that important. And I'm willing to offer you a discount to help you get the additive.

Get Home Heating Oil Secrets & Tips

Plus the entire package below

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Insulation fact sheet

Learn the right way to do it! Includes an easy way (for 1 person) to install storm windows in minutes($30 Value)

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Gas - squeezing out more milage

These days it's not just your heating oil bill, it's the crazy gas prices too! Discover ways to reduce your bill that will make your bank account smile ($50 Value)

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Storm the Internet

($29 Value)

Promote YOUR positive and negative reviews all over the internet by following these steps. Including: How to influence local, state, and federal agencies to look into a company.

Get Home Heating Oil Secrets & Tips Plus the entire package for only $29 today!

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The Boldest Guarantee in the World

I know you can save money on your heating oil bills even if you implement just a fraction of my tips.

But, f you're not happy, I'm not happy so...

I 100% Guarantee you'll love this report and the videos or I'll return your $37 and let you keep the report and the videos anyway.

Just email me with your receipt and I'll give you back your $37 with no questions asked.

Take the next 2 heating seasons to decide.

How's that for fair?


Don’t get taken advantage of.

Stay safe, stay warm, and enjoy your savings

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